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Belo Beauty Fridge 12L


This product can be sent as a gift.

Maximum quantity per order: 2 units


Time for a cool change. Take your skincare storage game to a whole new level with the Belo Beauty Fridge, designed to keep your goodies at the perfect temperature...and look ultra-cute on your dresser! Use it to store serums, rollers, creams, and sheet masks, or even food and beverages for easy access.

Keep it cool. The Belo Beauty Fridge can maintain a minimum and maximum cooling temperature of 8-18 degrees Celsius.

Store big. Refreshments for your skin *and* your stomach can fit comfortably with its 12-L capacity. (205 x 159 x 364 mm)

Chuck them in. With a mini-basket on the inner part of the cooler door, you can stash smaller items like face and eye masks, rollers, and ice packs.

Silence, please. With its <30dB noise level and Ultra-Quiet Technology, you can keep it close, like on your bedside table, without worrying about disrupting your beauty sleep.

Power up. Uses the PH-compatible 220 AC & 12V DC multi switch, with an American standard plug.

Enhance the shelf life and quality of your skin saviors with the Belo Beauty Fridge!

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