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Bionutriglow Eyes & Neck

PHP 18,500.00


This product can be sent as a gift.

Infuses vitamin-rich New Cellular Treatment Factor into the eye area for a collagen boost and younger-looking eyes. BioNutriGlow is a mesotherapy procedure that infuses New Cellular Treatment Factor into the skin surface using a Belo-exclusive Nanosoft® intradermal needling. This beauty activator contains hyaluronic acid which hydrates the skin and gives it a youthful glow, plus 59 other essential nutrients that help to reverse signs of aging and photodamage such as skin dullness, dehydration, lack of density, fine lines and wrinkles, and imperfections. One session of BioNutriGlow® will give you immediate visible results but 4 sessions spaced 2 weeks apart is ideal for optimal results.

What It Targets:

Skin dullness, dehydration, lack of density, fine lines and wrinkles



How To Redeem:

  • Once availed, session(s) will be credited to your Belo wallet within 3-5 working days after purchase. You may call 8-819-BELO(2356) or your preferred Belo branch to book an appointment
  • For first-time patients, please note that you will have to undergo a consultation or e-consultation with one of our doctors prior to doing the procedure. Consultation fee is not yet included when availing this treatment.
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