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Consultation for Rhinoplasty

PHP 1,550.00

IMPORTANT: Your preferred date & time is not guaranteed, but will allow us to find the best available schedule based on your selection. Please wait for a Belo representative to get in touch with you to confirm the availability of your preferred schedule.


This product can be sent as a gift.

Rhinoplasty/Alar trimming (Noselift) 

A common and popular surgical procedure, a rhinoplasty or nose job is done to reshape or resize the nose, whether for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. This creates a sharper and pointier nose tip.

If you have questions on Rhinoplasty, we can connect you to our Belo Surgeon for an expert e-consultation. Availing of this service entitles you to a 30-minute online consultation with your preferred Belo Doctor or Belo Branch.

Once purchase is successfully completed, a Belo Customer Care Specialist will get in touch with you within 24 to 48 hours to confirm and assist you with your consultation schedule.


This consultation service is strictly for Rhinoplasty only.

Online and in-clinic consultations are non-refundable, regardless if the procedure pushes through or not. Rescheduling is allowed only once and up to 24 hours prior to your original appointment. Should you wish to reschedule, please get in touch with your preferred branch.

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