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Hydro 2.0 Hydrogen Water Bottle

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Harness the anti-oxidant power of Hydrogen Water with the Belo Hydro 2.0. The Belo Hydro 2.0 is truly the evolution of water, offering a portable hydrogen rich water maker that is convenient, replenishable and highly effective.

  • Anti-wrinkle and sun damage
  • Anti-diabetes and blood pressure
  • Anti-stress and fatigue
  • Anti-obesity and cholesterol
  • Anti inflamation and free radicals.

Our modern fast-paced lifestyles are filling our bodies with unstable free radicals which attack our healthy cells, causing inflamation and damage that accumulates over time.

Detoxify & Eliminate Free Radicals
Hydrogen molecules are the most effective antioxidants to pair with free-radicals and be neutralized. Its small size ensures fast, effective uptake and its very low oxidation reduction potential (ORP) makes dissolved Hydrogen our best defense against free-radicals and oxidative stress

Build Younger Skin, Reduce Cellulite and Wrinkles
Hydrogen rich water reduces the impact of sun damage and aging our skin by fighting environmental pollutants and UV damage that increases concentrations of reactive oxygen (ROS) free radicals. Reducing ROS levels helps slow the aging process and helps give you younger, healthier and glowing skin.

Regulate Blood Pressure & Stabilize Cholesterol 
Through the stimulation of mitocondrial function and energy metabolism at a cellular level, Hydro 2.0 improves HDL cholesterol while lowering total cholesterol. The reduction of oxidative stress, inflamation and chemical wastes in the blood (creatinine) and blood urea nitrogen reduces and stabilizes blood pressure.

Hydrate Up to Six Times More Than Regular Water
The ionization of water changes the electrical charge of the water and creates micro clusters of water. These microclusters are more efficient in penetrating the body's cells for fast, efficient hydration and maximum anti-oxidant effect.


  • High Grade Borosilicate Glass - High density, high strength, food and electrolysis glass
  • Detachable Base for easy cleaning
  • 1300mAh Rechargeable 5V Battery for long lasting for years of use and high capacity for cycle between charging
  • Korean Manufactured Platinum Coated Titanium Plate - High efficiency in hydrogen production, long lasting and internationally accredited
  • 308 stainless Sseel Parts for durability and safety
  • 2 Electrolysis Modes: 1 minute for immediate use and 3 minutes for maximum hydration


  • High Grade Borosilicate Glass Bottle
  • Stainless Steel Cap
  • Detachable Hydrogen Mechanism Base
  • USB Cable


  • To be used with ready-to-drink water
  • Do not put hot water in to your Hydro 2.0
  • Do not put ice in to your Hydro 2.0. You can put room temperature to cold water in to your Hydro 2.0
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