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cPass Neutralizing Antibody Testing

PHP 2,800.00

A Belo representative will get in touch with you to confirm the availability of your preferred schedule.


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CPass - Neutralizing Antibody Testing (NAT) is the latest test to determine if one has circulating neutralizing antibodies which according to Dr. Anthony Fauci are the gold standard for protective immunity.  Neutralization assays determine if a person has effective antibodies and protective immunity against SARS-CoV2. (National Strategy for Serology Report Johns Hopkins University)

Testing will be done at the comfort of your home. This service is only available from NCR up to the cities of Pampanga in the north, and cities of Cavite in the south.

Test Procedure:
1. Choose your preferred branch and schedule.
2. Wait for a message from a clinic representative to verify your appointment.
3. Get tested on the date of your appointment.
4. Results will be emailed to you within 48 to 72 hours.

Price indicated is for 1 person.

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